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Books on homeschooling

For parents who are looking to educate their kids at home, choosing the right homeschool curriculum can be a difficult process. To help you navigate this decision, we’ve researched some of the best homeschool books available today and compiled our results into this article.

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Montessori at home: Beyond the classroom

Montessori is an educational approach that has been proven to be effective for encouraging self-directed learning. This article provides tips for how you can incorporate some of the fundamental principles of Montessori into your home.

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Educational toys for 4 year olds

Children at this age love to learn new things and have fun. They also love to try out new toys! If your 4 year old is entering kindergarten or is still too young for school, you have found the right article. Here you will find some great educational toys for 4 year olds that will help your child learn while having fun.

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Montessori Teachings: An Introducion

It is a philosophy that prioritizes the needs of the child over the needs of the school. It is a way of educating children that prioritizes the child’s interests, abilities, and development. It is often referred to as a method of “delivering education that is personalized, contextual, and individualized for each child. Learn more about Montessori teachings in this article.

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Montessori high schools

What if that new school isn't the right fit for your child? Or, how can you ensure that your child has the education, skills, and social skills that will enable them to be successful in school and beyond? Parents and families face such big decisions every education decision. And there are many education factors to consider, including a school's education program, curriculum, education approach, and educational philosophy. Learn more about when to consider choosing a montessori high school.

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