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ABC Blocks

ABC blocks have been around for quite some time, and there’s a good reason for that. It has been a staple in a child’s toy collection because of the numerous benefits it offers, especially in early childhood education. So if you’re thinking of the next toy to buy your toddler or perhaps, buying a present for another child, here’s why ABC learning blocks should be on top of your list. What can children do with ABC blocks? ABC blocks are well-loved toys because there are many ways to play with them, such as: Construction - ABC blocks come in cube shapes, which makes it easy for kids to stack them together and create different structures. Math - Parents can introduce...

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Waldorf education

What parents should know about the Waldorf Education system You might be more familiar with traditional, progressive, and Montessori education and are wondering what exactly is Waldorf education. As parents, you want the best education for your child, so there’s no harm in learning more about Waldorf education principles and see if this is a match for your child. Let’s go into more detail below. The man behind Waldorf education The philosophy and ideas behind Waldorf education come from Rudolf Steiner. This is the reason why this education system is also referred to as Steiner education. Don’t be confused as these names are used interchangeably. Steiner founded anthroposophy, a philosophy or system that uses natural means to achieve optimum physical,...

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15 Best Educational Toys For Toddlers

Choosing educational toys for toddlers isn’t easy. Parents have to consider what their kids like and toys that will be durable enough to last them years of playtime. On top of that, there are many learning toys for toddlers today that are marketed as educational but are really not. Parents have to find a balance between toys that young kids will like to play and cost-efficient toys worth buying. There’s no doubt that shopping for educational toys for toddlers and preschoolers online presents numerous options. However, parents must also do their homework in knowing what the best educational toys for child development are. If you’re reading this because you, too, want to see the best options you have, we’ve compiled...

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Toys 2020: Toy Trends To Watch Out For

In recent years, we have witnessed the usage of electronic devices among young kids skyrocket. Parents have turned to digital apps and games to keep their kids entertained and engaged. Most of these apps mask themselves as educational programs, but at the end of the day, it builds bad habits that lean more toward addiction than education. Will toys in 2020 be any different? This 2019, while the technological advancements forced the shift in playing patterns in children, the real educational toys are not to be counted out. These toys, too, have seen a resurgence to the delight of parents and educators who firmly believe that authentic learning toys will help foster early childhood development. Fortunately, this positive toy trend...

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Today, toys are no longer for keeping kids entertained anymore. Parents look at toys as investments, while kids also want toys that can sustain their interests. Educational toys for kids have been on the rise in the past years, and STEM toys are making their own name in the toy industry. However, for parents to better decide on what types of toys are best for their children, it’s important to understand what stem toys are and how children benefit from playing them. What are STEM toys? STEM is an acronym that stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM toys are designed to teach or introduce different learning concepts under these core subjects. They’re vital in early childhood learning and...

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