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Educational Toys For 4 Year Olds You Should Have

Cheers! Your little tot is now 4 years old and is ready to brave the world with his or her energy, creativity, and unnerving curiosity. At this age, your child may already be in preschool and is already exposed to different academic subjects and educational skills. Your child welcomes these new learning challenges and you, as a parent, are more than happy to help your child get ready to overcome these challenges. One way to give them support is through providing them with the right educational toys for 4 year olds.

Gone are the days when wooden shape sorters are their most favorite things in the world. Now, educational toys for 4 year olds are more focused on developing communication, critical thinking, creative innovation, and encouraging communication and confidence. They are now more opinionated and articulate. They love to share, make friends, and ask questions. And mind you, they also become choosier with the toys they play with. Hence, you really have to strike that balance between learning and engagement in the learning toys you choose. To help you make the right choice, here are some educational toys for four-year-old kids we recommend:

The Best Educational Toys for 4 Year Olds

The Magnetic “School in a Box” is a great toy to compliment your child’s learning in school. It teaches spelling, words, and numbers altogether. Children can play by picking the right letters to spell what’s in the photo. All the parts are magnetic, too, so it’s easier to pack them and bring them wherever you go.

The Pattern Recognition Game is another enjoyable educational toy for 4-year-olds. It’s a game that can be played alone or with family and friends. It keeps young children engaged. They develop their pattern recognition skills and logical thinking skills at an early age. To play this, the child must recreate the pattern shown in the cards. Want to take it to the next level? Set a timer and see how fast you and your child can go per card!

Another fun game that requires focus and attention in young kids is the Fish the Worms game. It’s a pretty straightforward game - the child has to fish out the worms. However, it’s not as easy as it looks. Children will have to develop hand-eye coordination and their motor skills to take the worms out. While they can play this game solo, it’s more exciting to play with others, like in teams, which can also help young children learn more about teamwork.

Spelling and Reading Toys for 4 Year Olds

The Alphakit is the perfect starter language game for kids. All the cards are put on a ring together which makes them easy to bring everywhere. These cards show the alphabet in both uppercase and lowercase, and then show a corresponding image behind the cards. Apart from children becoming more familiar with letters, there is also a pen where children can practice writing the letters, too.

Want to improve your child’s ability to spell? There are two educational toys for 4 year olds you can try. The first is the Fun Literacy Game. Why let your child learn to spell and read through electronic screens when they can learn through fun and tangible toys like this. This game includes 60 double-sided cards and 52 wooden letters. The cards are propped up in a small wooden structure that hides the words. And then children will have to choose the letters to spell the word correctly.

The 3-in-1 Spelling Game is similar. It improves word recognition, which is helpful in developing a child’s reading and writing skills. With this game, there are 60 words to spell and the letters come in wooden blocks. Of course, the learning doesn’t stop with the cards. You can continue printing out letters to broaden the vocabulary of your child and still use the same play and learn method!

Math and Counting Toys for 4 Year Old Kids

The I Love Math Games Box is a great introduction to addition and subtraction. This is a great toy to pique the interest of young children in the world of Mathematics. The box contains 10 number cards for those who are still learning counting 1-10. When they’re already discovering addition and subtraction, there are cards where they can easily write and erase their answers. To help children out, this box also has wooden sticks for easier counting.

The Counting and Math Toy Box is another awesome toy for learning Math. The cards are beautifully designed to help keep children engaged. This box contains wooden blocks for the numbers and Math property (plus and minus sign). Through the cards, children can memorize operations better and improve their counting skills. Best of all, it’s easy to pack away!

For children who are ready for a challenge, the IQ Math Toy Box might be the one. Apart from addition and subtraction, this toy box also tackles multiplication and division. While 4-year-old kids do not study these yet, this toy can still come in handy once they do. The toy box also has wooden sticks to help with counting.

What Is the Best Gift for 4 Years Old Girls?

One of the best educational toys for 4-year-old girls is the Yoga Cards Kids. This toy comes with 40 Yogi pose cards, 2 dice, and dice stickers. The game is about mimicking the poses in the Yogi card. The whole family can join in the fun! Not only will this help with flexibility, but it is also a healthy game for everyone in the family. Not to mention, the images on the cards drawn beautifully, too.

Do you want to introduce Spanish to your little girl? Well, the Loteria Kids Family Game is a great start! It’s not an easy task to introduce a whole new language to any child, but if you use the right materials, your child may soon be bilingual. This card game makes it very interesting for young girls to play with because of the colors and images used. 

What Is the Best Toy for a 4-Year-Old Boy?

Little boys like to tinker with gears and tools, which makes the Busy Sensorial Cube one of the best educational toys for 4-year-old boys. How can this toy keep your energizer bunny engaged and entertained? Well, there are six different activities that this sensorial cube offers. Your little boy can play with keys, switches, gears, a locking bar, and rotary screws. This is a great toy to stimulate the senses as well as develop fine motor skills. Keep your little boy busy as a busy bee!

Educational toys for 4 year olds can not only be fun, but they could be funny, too! This Expression Puzzle Game is definitely hitting two birds with one stone. Twist and turn the cubes to choose which emotion is being shown in the card. Explore different emotions with your child. Take the game further by giving a situation and asking your child to come up with the best expression for that situation. See how creative your little boy can be!

Best Toys for 4 Year Olds in 2021

One of the most interesting topics in children is human anatomy. They’re always curious as to how the body works and functions. Introduce them to anatomy with the Human Body Puzzle Box. The puzzle comes in both boy and girl. The jigsaw puzzles inside the box introduce kids to the different parts of the body, including the muscles and the organs. Kids become more familiar with the shapes and positions, too.

Ready to give your 4-year-old a balancing challenge? Try this Wooden Animal Balance Game. Surely, your child may already have a balance toy from when he or she was younger, but you have to increase the challenge as your child grows older. This toy operates on the same concept - balance - except that the material used is harder to control. No more balancing blocks, now they’re going to balance wooden sticks!

One, if probably not the most important educational toy you must have for 2021, is the Happy Handwriting 4-in-1 Book. Practicing handwriting in your children helps them improve their fine motor abilities, especially with how they grip and control a pencil or pen. It also improves their visual-motor performance and hand-eye coordination. It is important to always encourage young children to trace, draw, and scribble. And with this 4-in-1 handwriting book, you and your child can do that!

Full Speed Ahead!

There’s no reason to slow down now. Your child is at the age of continuous discovery and exploration. And they enjoy it more, too, because their skills are more developed. As parents, you have the power to help and guide them through whatever learning journey they take. That means providing them with the right and best educational toys for 4 year olds. Hopefully, this list will help you narrow down your choices. Nonetheless, know that there is no wrong educational toy. Your child will always learn from them one way or another!