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Educational Toys for 3 Years Old In 2021

There’s no better time than to introduce educational toys for 3 years old kids. With everyone spending more time at home right now, it’s a great opportunity to spend more time with the children and make that time worthwhile. What best way to make bonding time extra productive than by playing with educational toys for toddlers.

Why Go for Educational Toys for Toddlers?

What makes educational toys for young kids stand out is that they keep children engaged for much longer. The brains of children are like sponges; they’re always hungry for neural stimulation and that is what these learning toys provide. Today’s educational toys for 3 years old kids can give them a headstart on subjects like Math, Reading, and Science. This will help develop their interest, curiosity, and imagination early.

Nonetheless, it is important to note that not all children are the same. While they are all natural learners, there are kids that will lean into a specific type of toy or play. As a parent, you are to embark on this journey of discovery with your child and explore the educational toys that suit him or her best. Don’t worry as the educational toys for toddlers today are designed to pique the various interests of children, so it’s only a matter of time before you find the best learning toys for your child.

To help you out on your search, we created a list of educational toys for 3 years old kids that may help you decide which toy/s you can start with.

Educational Toys for 3 Years Old Boys

By now, your little boy might already have a fascination with cars or wheels in general. One of the best educational toys for 3 years old boys is a Wooden Cars Track. These cars are perfectly safe for young kids as it’s plastic-free and made from 100% wood. The toy comes with three wooden cars and a sliding track. Not only will this keep your child busy as he watches the cars slide down the track, but it will also help stimulate the imagination as well as hand-eye coordination.

Another educational toy for young boys is this Montessori Wooden Pull Toy. This comes in different animal designs that can serve as your child’s playtime companion. This toy helps develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Plus, it is designed with shape puzzles for added learning and fun!

Educational Toys for 3 Years Old Girls

While educational toys for toddlers are designed to be enjoyed by boys and girls, your little girl might just fall in love with this easily. The Wooden Dress-Up Puzzle Game comes with 72 puzzle pieces and 24 outfits that your little one will be busy with. You can choose between a rabbit or a bear family, both are composed of a mom, dad, brother, and sister. This fun matching game will encourage your child’s creativity as she has complete freedom to mix and match however she likes!

The Best Educational Toys for 3 Years OId Kids

It doesn’t get any more classic than this. Wooden Educational Puzzle Boards are a staple in every household. They’re a great learning activity and they’re always fun to play with. It’s a wonderful toy for parents and children to play together. Three-year-old children will learn shape recognition as well as improve their vocabulary. These boards come in over 20+ designs from fruits to different rooms in the house. Collect them all if you can for more enjoyable learning!

Do you want your child to start writing early? The Montessori Early Writing Learning Kit can be your partner in achieving that goal. This learning toy is designed to introduce spelling and writing to toddlers through learning letter recognition early. To add, this toy also helps develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Kids will use the wooden pen to trace the wooden letters and eventually, they will be more familiar with recognizing and writing these letters. 

Another very fun educational toy for 3 years old children is the Guess Who I Am Puzzles. Who doesn’t love guessing games anyway? There are eight puzzles available, all of which can teach three-year-old kids to recognize patterns, shapes, and words. The puzzles are colorful and are designed to be attractive for young kids to play with. Plus, the puzzles come in one storage case each, which you can bring anywhere because learning doesn’t just happen at home!

Educational Toys for 3 Years Old With Autism

Young children with autism have different learning needs, but that doesn’t mean they should skip out on fun learning, too. There are educational toys for 3 years olds that are designed for children with special needs and they are also designed with fun in mind. 

One of which is the Sign Language Alphabet Game. For children with autism who are non-verbal or are still having difficulties with speech, this toy will be a great introduction to the world of sign language. In fact, parents and the entire family can also learn from playing this at the same time. The kit contains 26 wooden double-sided cards for durability. Each card displays one sign language and letter and shows the corresponding words on the other side.

Another great educational toy for children with autism is the Sensory Board Bag, especially if they have sensory issues. This Montessori activity can help children with autism become more familiar with different textures and materials, therefore improving their sensorimotor development. It’s an interactive toy and one that can keep children engaged for a while. Once done playing, just zip the bag close and store it or bring it anywhere you’d like since it’s lightweight and portable anyway!

One of the staple Montessori toys for three-year-old children with autism are Wooden Educational Building Blocks. These blocks offer the right amount of challenge for kids in this age group. It’s also a very powerful learning tool as it helps develop spatial reasoning, mental stimulation, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, cognitive flexibility, creativity, attention, and patience. It’s no wonder why wooden building blocks are a huge favorite among parents and children alike!

What Toys Will Keep A 3-Year-Old Busy?

Is your little one up for a challenge? If he or she is, then these educational toys for 3 years old kids will definitely keep your tot busy. Give the Moon Equilibrium & Color Learning Toy a try. It’s a visually appealing toy that will instantly pique the interest of any child. The real challenge here is balancing the cylindrical blocks, which then helps develop hand-eye coordination as well as encourage patience in young children. Of course, this toy will also stimulate creativity in children since it can be played in different ways. Play it alone or with friends, this game will keep any child busy!

Speaking of balance, the Hercules Stacking Blocks will also offer a good challenge to young tots. This toy comes with 12 wooden Hercules pieces that your child will stack on top of each other while maintaining perfect balance. It improves fine motor skills, pattern recognition, and creativity - as your child can stack the pieces up any way he or she likes to!

If you got plenty of time on your hands, the Giant 10m Coloring Roll will surely keep your child busy and engaged! For one, the coloring roll is 10 meters long and it doesn’t only provide a coloring activity. There are also hidden games to be played inside the coloring roll like draw the line, sudoku, finding game, and a numbers game. Talk about endless hours of fun and learning!

Got more time to spare? Give the 6-in-1 Wooden Animals 3D Puzzle a go. It’s not your usual puzzle and it’s designed to be extra challenging to three-year-old children. The block puzzles can form six different pictures. Kids will have to figure out the right side of the block to form the picture, and that can keep them really busy for a while.

Unique Gifts for 3-Year-Olds

Thinking of a great gift to give your three-year-old child or perhaps, as a present to another child? You can’t go wrong with these toys. The Magnetic Wooden Fruit and Vegetable Set is always a big hit among 3-year-olds. One of the reasons is because it simulates a real-life activity and can relate to it whenever they see mommy or daddy slice up fruits and vegetables. But more than that, this learning toy is a great social activity. They can role-play and cook together, which makes it a more enjoyable activity!

Another unique gift for 3-year-olds is the Puppet Show Set. For children, who are fond of role-playing, this educational toy for 3 years old kids is perfect. The puppet set comes in four designs: Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs, The Mermaid, and Family. Children can re-enact the stories through the little finger puppets or exercise their imagination and creativity to create their own stories.

Every child is different. Every child’s ability to learn is different. This is why parents take a proactive role in helping their kids find the right educational toy for them to play with. Yes, you may go through a couple of learning toys first before your child fancies one but consider that as part of your child’s exploration into the wonderful world of educational toys for 3 years old. Remember, the learning experience is priceless!