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5 Reasons Why Lotería Is Quickly Becoming a Favorite Among Latino Families Across the Nation

Lotería, a traditional Mexican game that has been enjoyed for generations, is currently experiencing a surge in popularity among Latino families throughout the nation. Here are 5 reasons why this game is becoming a new favorite among many.

1. Learning Spanish Has Never Been More Fun

Made with love by a Mexican mom, with this Loteria kids get to learn the Spanish language through a fun game of bingo! They practice reading, recognizing, and pronouncing the 26 Spanish words included in the game, and expand their vocabulary while having a blast!

2. Connect With Your Heritage

Enabling your child to become bilingual with Lotería is the greatest gift you can give them. It helps Hispanic children connect with their heritage and understand their origin. Studies also show that bilingualism can offer cognitive and academic benefits.

3. A Family Game Night Idea Everyone Can Enjoy

Loteria is a fun and screen-free activity for family game night! With colorful illustrations and easy-to-learn rules, the game is suitable for children of all ages.

4. Thousands of Raving Fans

Lotería has been a beloved game for generations, but our updated version is perfect for introducing it to our new generations. Thousands of families in México and USA have discovered the joy of playing our Loteria for kids, and we're confident that you and your loved ones will too!

5. A Unique and Memorable Gift

Lotería is a unique and thoughtful gift that any Latin or Hispanic family or friend would appreciate. It not only provides hours of entertainment but also helps to promote cultural pride and language learning. It's a gift that keeps on giving as it can be played again and again, creating lasting memories for the whole family.

Loved by thousands of customers

My grandchild was so happy. She recognised the pictures and put them in the right place. She clapped her hand every time she did it right.❤❤

Maria A.

Verified Buyer

I love this bingo. My 3 year old loves playing it and it is teaching him a lot of words in super fun way ☺️

Michell L.

Verified Buyer

The kids loved it! And it helps practice more their Spanish in a fun way as well. Fun game for everyone!

Liliana R.

Verified Buyer


How to play

A card is dealt from the deck and the player that has the word of that card on their page puts a mark on it. Once a player completes their page, they shout "Loteria!". 

Children learn how to read, recognize and pronounce the alphabet in Spanish and the 26 Spanish words. It comes with 6 pages and 26 cards. 

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