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Dream Job Loteria
Dream Job Loteria
Dream Job Loteria

Dream Job Loteria

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Laugh, play and learn! The ‘Dream Job Loteria’ turns the traditional Mexican Bingo 'Loteria' into a fun and inspiring language game for kids. It is like Bingo, but with words and illustrations. Your child learns how to read, recognize and pronounce the most popular kids' dream jobs. And as you are laughing and playing together, your little one might even find a new dream job!

Educational Play

The 'Dream Job Loteria' is gamified learning. By interacting and focusing on the illustrations and words children learn how to read and pronounce the words. At the same time it helps them develop confidence, hope, self-awareness and listening skills.

Screen-Free Family Time

Life is busy. And it is easy to forget to enjoy the most precious thing of life: our family. And technology can play a positive role in childhood, but sometimes it is healthy to go offline and be present in the real world. The 'Dream Job Loteria' is a wonderful screen-free activity to play with your family. Connect with your children through the game and understand which dream jobs they are interested in.

Motivate & Inspire Children

Our children are the future doctors, hairdressers, entrepreneurs, teachers and scientists of our world. This game helps them think about what they want to become and explore the different possibilities. The diverse illustrations teach children that no matter who you are and where you come from, you can become whatever you want.

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