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Spanish ABC Loteria Kids

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The game

Introducing Loteria for kids

Laugh, play and learn! Created by a Mexican mom, the ‘Spanish ABC Loteria Kids’ turns the traditional Mexican Bingo 'Loteria' into a fun Spanish language game for kids. It is like Bingo, but with words and illustrations.

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Bilingual kids

Raising a child that speaks more than one language can be challenging, but it also has benefits. Bilingualism can have a positive impact on the cognitive development and thinking skills of your child.

mexican loteria bingo kids

How kids improve their Spanish at home

Designed for homeschooling - your child learns how to read, recognize and pronounce the alphabet in Spanish and 26 Spanish ABC words.

learn spanish loteria kids

Bingo night

Screen-free family game

Technology can play a positive role in childhood, but sometimes it is healthy to go offline and have a family game night! This is a wonderful screen-free activity to play together.

spanish loteria kids

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Toy Safety

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