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ABC Lotería - Spanish Words Bingo Kids
ABC Lotería - Spanish Words Bingo Kids
ABC Lotería - Spanish Words Bingo Kids
mexican loteria game children
mexican loteria bingo kids

ABC Lotería - Spanish Words Bingo Kids

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No markers included; traditionally you play with beans or get creative and use paper, fruit, candy

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How kids start learning Spanish

Created by a Mexican mom, the Spanish bingo turns the traditional Mexican Bingo Loteria into a fun Spanish learning game for kids.

It is like a kid friendly Bingo, but with words and illustrations.

loteria español


Helping Latinx parents teach Spanish at home

Enabling your child to become bilingual is the greatest gift you can give. It helps Hispanic children connect with their heritage and understand their origin. Studies also show that bilingualism can offer cognitive and academic benefits.

mexican loteria bingo kids
The game

How to play: Spanish words bingo for kids

A card is dealt from the deck and the player that has the word of that card on their page puts a mark on it. Once a player completes their page, they shout "Loteria!".

Children learn how to read, recognize and pronounce the alphabet in Spanish and the 26 Spanish words. It comes with 6 pages and 26 cards.

There are no markers included; traditionally you play with beans but you can get creative and use paper, fruit or candy.

mexican bingo loteria kids

Bingo night

Family game night idea!

Technology can play a positive role in childhood, but sometimes it is healthy to go offline and have a family game night! This is a wonderful screen-free activity to play together.

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